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music’s in the air


R – personal

We help people use their loved music for self-care and fun – anytime, anywhere

R – industry

We help streaming services and artists increase revenues through Emotion AI driven music discovery

R – business

We create emotional marketplaces and help businesses enhance their customer relationships through background music

R – healthcare

We enrich senior care environment through background music to improve quality of life

We advance neuromusicology research to sustain vitality for persons living with ALS

Sound waves are nothing but an intricate dance of air molecules – until they enter one’s body and psyche, after one is, quite literally and physically, touched by the music. The more we know about this transformation, the more meaningful and enjoyable our music listening experiences may become.

Alisa Apreleva, Director of Science, co-founder


At Remedywave, we collect biopsychological responses to music from millions of consumers and transform them into the data platform empowering personalized entertainment, self-care, healthcare and business spaces worldwide. 

Our primary clients are the end customer-centered services (cafes, medical centers, transport & aerospace carriers) and emotion driven digital services (music & video streaming, cybersports). Access to our platform enables these services to manage music-based emotional linking to their brand or product – assuring long-term, impressional relationships with the customers.

 Our primary strengths are growth model – based on synergy with leading music streaming companies spanning over 1 billion of potential users and product-defined engagement rate – and team – which delivers a consolidated expertise in business, product, science and technology areas to ensure the fast pace. Growing evidence for the neuro-transformative power of music and rapid evolution of emotion analytics technology spell the perfect moment for our launch.


We bring benefits of automated goal-based music listening to everyday environments – anywhere, anytime

Embracing the industry shift from ubiquitous to participatory music listening, we consider wide use of Remedywave the next evolutionary step in the music industry after Spotify’s coming in 2008. 

Sergey Parshchikov, CEO, co-founder


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